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A Night With Spirit


Christiana Fire Company presents Delaware's own Medium, Deanna Fitzpatrick and A Night with Spirit! 

Join us in hopes to connect with loved ones and friends that have passed. 

May 25, 2017
Doors open at 6pm

Refreshments and light fare will be available before and after the event. (must be 21 to enter the bar)

Tickets are $30. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Christiana Fire Company.

Tickets can be purchased by going to public events.

About Psychic Medium Deanna Fitzpatrick

In 2001, Deanna visited a hypnotherapist for assistance with weight loss. That evening, after the hypnosis was complete, she began to see Spirit for the first time. Since that time, Deanna has been working to improve her ability to connect and help the Living come to know that their People in Spirit are very much still a part of their lives and to know that we continue on beyond our physical existence.

�Prior to beginning her work as an Evidential Medium, Deanna worked in the banking industry. A series of events, starting with the hypnosis, began to show her that it was time to begin a very different life. Her husband Joe and two daughters saw this too and have been wonderfully supportive along the way. 

She began to practice professionally in 2006. Deanna often recalls how nervous she was in those first years. And, is pleased to say that the anxiousness has transformed to excitement and butterflies. 

In 2009, she began to offer private Spirit Gathering Events in the home's of others and gives credit to these groups for spreading the word of her work with Spirit. She is very grateful to her clients. 

Deanna offers several types of opportunities for people to either witness and/or receive connections with Spirit.

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