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Working together for a better future!

CFC and Local 4417 smoothly negotiated and signed a new 3 year contract.  Congratulations to the members of Local 4417.

Thank you Brandon Speakman, Josh Hawk, Shane Truitt and Tony Consalo for allowing our negotiations go smoothly.  Thank you to the Career Staff for their hard work and dedication to Christiana Fire Company and the community we serve.

Thank you Asst. Chief of Career Services Dennis Godek for orchestrating the negotions and all the time and effort you put into, not only the negotiations, but every aspect of your job.  Your service is greatly appreciated.  

Thank you to Treasurer Jeff Shields for his work on the financial aspect of the contract and all his time volunteering for Christiana Fire Company.

Thank you Sandy Ingram (CFC administrator) for putting up with all of our bickering and providing all the necessary information to help with the negotiations, including retyping forms, handbooks and all the other things most of us don't even realize you do.

And of Course, Thank you to all the members, officers and Career staff for working very well together and making CFC a great company to be a part of.  

Congratulations again and thank you to all!

John Saville - President


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