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Two Fires - Newark DE
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Friday morning CFC and the normal first alarm assignment was alerted to Victoria Woods for a private dwelling fire. Engine 12 and the duty chief (Captain J.McPartland) arrived with smoke showing. The crew quickly stretched an attack line thru the front door after establishing a water supply. The fire was quickly extinguished. Rescue Squad 23 provided the search, the side C report as well as the basement check. The search was negative and the assignment was scaled back. There were no injuries. The units cleared in 45 minutes. Friday evening Christiana Fire Company and area companies were alerted to a motel on fire with people trapped. Engine 12 arrived to find fire showing from a first floor room and extending to the second floor trapping the occupants on the second floor. Engine 12 secured a water supply and quickly placed an attack line in service. Rescue/Engine 3 arrived second and removed those in danger on the 2nd floor. Several occupants were evaluated and one person was transported to Christiana Trauma Center by ALS/BLS. Units remained on the scene for two hours. Delaware State fire Marshal is investigating the cause. Safety Officer Lutz was the Duty Chief.

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