New Station 12 Building Progress

Since the year 2000, CFC has been working on and off to develope a final plan and design for the replacement of the over crowded and outdated Station 12. Within the past two years the company has finally solidified a design and financial plan to see this project through. The finalized plan is to build a three bay wood frame garage on our property at 17 main street(across from station 12). With the use of temporary construction trailers for living and office space, this will be used as the temporary station 12. During this time, the old station 12 and hall with be razed and a new facilty will be built in its place. The new facility will include 9 apparatus bays (6 in the font and 3 in the rear), a new antique room, numerous offices, dorms, toilet and shower facilites, a large training room, a 4 story training tower, as well as a large kitchen, day room ,and quiet room. See the attached files for design drawings. When station 12 is complete, the 17 main street building will be used to house reserve apparatus and/or general storage.


Constuction of 17 main street was started on the week of 11/18/18. see attached photos.




  We will be providing updates on this page for our new station 12 as well as posting important public meetings in the message center. We are completing the design phase and started to obtaining proper permits. Please visit this page for updates as the building of our new station progresses.



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Sta. 12 Building Progress

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